I have made some really lovely friends here in Amsterdam and today’s post is dedicated to my gals that I cook with.

Here's something I didn't prepare earlier

For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I’m pretty obsessed with food and eating – most of the day I spend thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner!

Posing - us?! Nicola, Rebecca and me

So it’s nice to have met some girls here who love to eat and cook, and talk about eating and cooking as much as I do.

Can we help it if we're beautiful?! Rebecca and Olive

These lovely ladies are Rebecca (from France), Nicola (from the UK), and Olive (from the US). Out of the country yesterday – consequently not pictured – but definitely a fabulous foodie friend is Jae (from the US via Korea).

Whetting the appetites - Rebecca and Nicola

Yesterday we celebrated Woman’s Day with a shared lunch. Olive organised the use of a winebar that doesn’t open during the day so we could have the kitchen and the bar all to ourselves.

We may be ladies who lunch, but we still do the dishes!

In return we just had to buy some wine – it’s a hard life!

A cheeky little number

On the menu yesterday: Vege chips; walnut and feta quiche; cucumber, mint and chilli salad; corn and black bean green salad; gluten free lemon cupcakes and vegan lime cupcakes. Heavenly!

The spread

Then on the way home last night I was treated to a full moon over the canal – our camera (or possibly my photography) isn’t quite up to the task but hopefully you can use your imagination.

Full moon over the canal