We had a lovely weekend in Paris for our first wedding anniversary. We’d both been there before so it was nice to just wander and enjoy it rather than have to race around trying to see everything.

Ah Paris!

We spent some time in Le Sainte Chapelle looking at the amazing stained glass windows.

The Rose Window in Le Sainte Chapelle

Ate cheese, drank wine and hot chocolate (not at the same time!)

Who is that lady trying to get in our photo?

We had a lovely meal at a gorgeous little out-of-the-way restaurant called Le Jardin d’en Face – chocolate tart and creme brulee anyone?!

Date night

A little wander around the Museum of Modern Art where we saw this piece that really took our fancy.

And then home – tres bon! (Which since I started to learn Dutch, is one of the four things I can remember how to say in French!)

An eyeful of Eiffel