For those of you that didn’t know us in New Zealand we had a fully functional kitchen with many lovely things like pasta makers and beer brewing equipment and espresso machines…

Pasta machine

Here in Holland we have very little and we’re waiting until we get a ‘real’ place of our own to accumulate things. We’re also pinching pennies and trying not to accumulate things.

Hopefully this sets the scene for how happy some of the following things make us:

A beautiful, sharp knife and bamboo chopping board that I bought on a day trip to Leiden with friends. Not expensive and the amount of joy they have brought us in the kitchen has been tenfold.

Zeer nuttig en mooi (very useful and lovely)

A dinner set, and wine glasses courtesy of lovely Julia who had some doubles she wanted to share – LOVE that!

Mooi (lovely)

A set of stainless steel cookware (as above – abundant gratitude to Julia and her Mr) – what a difference a pan makes!

Mooiste (loveliest)

Getting home from town to find dinner cooked by my gorgeous husband!

Lekker (yum)

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