We spent a lovely couple of days in Antwerp. There are so many beautiful photos and things to talk about that we’ve decided to do two posts. The first is dedicated to culinary and brewed delights!

The first cup is the sweetest

Needless to say there are quite a few beer bars there which have incredible menus with some beers we hadn’t even heard of!

Just a few of the beers on offer

Le Trappe Quadrupple - oak aged!

We spent a few hours (it’s gets hazy after a while) in a Bar called Anterpen Bierhuis. Around 200 beers on the menu and the sort of establishment where if you whip out your beer scrapbook, people think you’re really cool rather than a total nerd!

Antwerpen Bierhuis - Antwerp Beerhouse

Sweet liquor help ease the pain! - Unblended Lambic beer

As usual we met some lovely locals like this man Paul who left some very special beers and La Chouffe hats at our hotel the next day with an invitation to dinner with him and his wife the next we are in Antwerp!

Our new friend Paul

Alex and a 'Nome'

It was also an opportunity to eat Belgian fries (Vlaames friet) in Belgium – lekker (yum)!

Vlaamse friet in a flemish frituur

There was a pumping Saturday morning market on our last day. Quite different things on offer than a standard Dutch market. Oysters and snails with white wine were doing a roaring trade at this stall. There was also a stand of baklava and other greek/turkish treats – Turkish delight anyone?

Saturday market - lunch.

Our favourite restaurant was next to the Cathedral of Our Lady where you could have a heavenly meal! This is a restaurant that you would never find in New Zealand. It was just a normal restaurant menu, with beer of course, but it was typically dark, like most traditional European restaurants, and there were icons covering every wall. It created a lovely, quirky atmosphere.

Chowing down with the saints

Loaves and fishes anyone?

Don't forget to say grace!

Last supper in Antwerp