You’d think we would have had enough of snow after the winter we had in Christchurch – nah uh!

Alex at the tram stop

Waiting for the tram

Today it snowed, and unlike Christchurch we just went about our business as usual like the rest of the city.

Life as normal

There were some delays on the buses and trams but that gave us more time to look at the beautiful winter landscape.

Dutch winter

We had a lovely lunch with a NZ born composer and her Dutch composer husband.

View from their balcony - can you see the green parrots?

The snow is very different from NZ snow – it’s drier. You can shake it off your clothes, boots, bag and it only gets wet when it hits the floor. You can wipe snow off your seat and it’s not wet underneath although it’s still cold!

Our snow-mobiles

We had fun biking in the snow too (and only one of us fell over – can you guess who?!)

Biking in snow - look Mum, no legs!

Sun setting over snow