Happy New Year everyone.

We had a nice New years eve in Maastricht. A beautiful town in the south of Holland.

The Dutch New Year is quite an event. We attended a party and had dutch nibbles. We also performed a few numbers for the people at the party which they enjoyed.

New Years Eve

The snacks were interesting. They consisted of mince balls with dutch flags, cheese cubes, kebabs with satay, ham and gherkins. No chips!

Fireworks are the main talking point of New Years eve here.

The Fireworks start going off a week before hand and reach their climax just after midnight. They are extremely loud and powerful. If you goto Belgium you can get bigger ones apparently. (Which plenty of people must do as Maastricht is so close to the border)

People spend lots of money on the fireworks and as expected there are alot of accidents and injuries. In the morning the council gets to clean up. This video is actually what it is like in a suburban street!