Tonight we went to see an excellent performance of the Messiah at the Concertgebouw.  It was performed by the Britten Symphonia and they were great. A small choir of excellent voices and a counter tenor instead of an alto. It was so great to see this piece performed by professionals as so far I’ve only seen it performed by amateur choirs and orchestras with a few professional soloists if I was lucky.

Everyone stood for the Hallelujah Chorus and broke the ‘no clapping’ rule and cheered loudly at the end of it! It was wonderful. I also really enjoyed the last chorus Worthy is the Lamb – they played and sang it so beautifully.

One day I’d also like to hear this version – can I get an AMEN??!!

When you live on a golf course owned by an airport sometimes funny things happen, like today for instance, when a man turned up at the door and said “I’m from Schipol and I have an understanding with the head greenkeeper that I can hunt on the grounds”. Yes, you read that right – hunt!

So next thing a whole bunch of men turn up in hunting gear and we hear shots going off for the next few hours.

Hunters and their dog

The Hunt

Unfortunately I think one of our pheasant friends was a casualty 😦 I hope it tastes as nice as it looks.

Only the good die young