Some of you know I quite like beer. 😉

Booty from the Bier Koning

Amsterdam has been a cornucopia of beer explorations and lost hours. We’ve also met fellow beer lovers and friends whilst whiling away the hours in some of Amsterdam’s specialist beer bars. This couple loved their strong biers and sipped on a few that were 17.5%! (And they were mates with the person that owns the La Chouffe brewery – needless to say I gave them my card :-))

Fellow Beer Lovers

I’ve added a ‘few’ more labels to my collection and last weekend I discovered the most excellent beer store called De Bier Koning (The Beer King) with an amazing collection of beers from all over the world.

The Bier Menu

They even had a very small shipment of the vary special Westvleteren, a beer so rare it doesn’t even have a label and can usually only be obtained from the Abbey where it is brewed and then by appointment only, if you are patient enough to spend all day trying to call a phone number that never gets answered and then flexible enough to be able to travel to Belgium on a day and time the Abbey specify – you get the idea.

My Scrabook is advancing nicely

There is a trend with some of the craft breweries to give their beer funny titles. See if you can spot this one

Not a drink for your Mother