The bird life seems really abundant here in Holland. I am not sure why, but it is nice to see.

There are geese and ducks usually hanging around the meers and dijks.

This one squawked at me, so I took the photo and split!

And now and again we startle a Heron as we leave our driveway. They are beautiful elegant birds and as they fly off you can hear the flap of their wings on the wind. (Even though they seem to flap their wings so slowly)

Blue Heron

One Saturday we were in the Amsterdam Book Exchange and just outside the window we saw a swan floating down the river. It was a beautiful sight. If we had our camera with us and it was summer it might have looked like this:


There are also some birds that look a lot like magpies but have dark, shiny blue tails (can’t find a photo that shows his tail – sorry).


Also these cute little black ducks. They have such a funny expression on their faces too.


And of course our friends the pheasants who you may remember from earlier. We still see them most days, and sometimes startle them if we are biking somewhere.

Bird Rumble

Bird Rumble