I think that Heaven will be a European market.

[Please set aside any worries you have about me wanting commerce or only European people in Heaven – not so! In my Heaven it’s all fresh, fair trade, organic and free and there are people of every race, colour and creed shopping there and then having amazing pot luck dinner parties afterwards.]

The markets here are just wonderful. Alex commented yesterday that he has heard me make “contented sighing sounds” when we are shopping at markets!

Today we spent a couple of hours at the Farmer’s Market in Noordemarkt which specialises in organic and diverse produce. Noodemarkt is in the Jordaan, a particularly lovely area of Amsterdam. It takes it’s name from the Noordekerk Church that the markt plein is outside. This is also home to one of my favourite pieces of sculpture in Amsterdam – the statue commemorating the Jordaan riots of 1934.

At the market there was one stall devoted to just mushrooms. First time I’ve seen a chanterelle and a shiitake in real life. There were also fruit and vege, amazing looking bread, sausages, cheese, pesto and condiments, every kind of grain and dried bean under the sun, herbs, chocolates and fudge, and fish and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head.

The things I love at markets are flowers  – massive bunches for under E10!

Market crush

And cheese! Today we just about made a meal of cheese samples at the market. Then we bought three blocks of cheese for under E5 – and this is cheese that is of a epiphanel nature.

Organic grains and beans

Also getting everything you need for dinner including a huge variety of vegetables, rice/couscous, herbs, lentils, olives, nuts, did I mention cheese… all for just crazy cheap prices.

Just an everyday 'small' market

Oh and second hand clothing for E3-5 a piece. Usually you get a discount if you buy more than one item. LOVE it.

There’s also the massive fish stalls that also sell herring or deep-fried fish bits with tartare sauce which you eat while shopping at the other stalls.

Nice way to spend a day

On Monday morning I went to the fabric and second hand clothing market (also in Noordermarkt). We’ve also done the Waterlooplein Flea Market and the Second Hand Book Market. The only day you can’t do a market in Amsterdam is on Sunday – but only during winter!

I’d better check my pulse as I think I might have actually died and gone to Heaven. 😉