Ah, beautiful cheese. It is so delicious and plentiful over here. Each morning I have a cheese sandwich (Kaas broodje) with mustard. And apparently I am not the only one! Link to article about cheese sandwiches and dutch people

In a typical dutch ‘eetcafe’ you will always see an extensive menu that contains rather plain sounding sandwiches. Broodje Kaas, broodje kaas en tomaat, broodje kaas met rookworst (with smoked sausage).  And the list goes on!

A filled roll New Zealand style isn’t common here. If you see a more ‘cafe style’ sandwich it comes inside a french stick or croissant.

Alex's Breakfast

Note that the cheese comes in a wedge that has been cut from a round! Like mother nature intended. The cheese shown here is the most basic supermarket cheese and it tastes delicious – Unlike that yellow square plastic brick wrapped in plastic masquerading as cheese in NZ!…….. There, I said it! 😀

Also worth noting is the implement I use to slice the cheese which is called a ‘Kaasschaaf‘. Every dutch household has one.

I’m off have breakfast – YUM.