It’s interesting to come to the other side of the world and see people who look like you.

Tante Rina and I

At Tante Rina’s birthday I was able to catch up with a few of the ‘Burgers’ clan..

Ome Jan and Tante Willie

Tante Gon and Harry

Jessica and Hans

Nils and Luc

In Maastricht we caught up with my cousin Antoine

My cousin Antoine in Maastricht

Here is my cousin Ilse who took us out for a day.


Yesterday we visited Thieu and his son Siem.

Thieu and Siem

And we are being looked after in spectacular fashion by Tante Door and Ome Gerard.

Tante Door and her knuffles

Now there are some younger relatives to spend time with too.

Indy and Jarna

We were taken out to a Pannenkoekenhuis which is a dutch institution. (yes it really is!) You can get all sorts – with apple, meat, fish, veges and of course cheese.


check out the guy in the background! Owner of the restaurant I believe…