Today in Wijchen there was a Paardenmarkt which is a horse market.

The Paardenmarkt

There didn’t seem to be any selling of horses going on and Ome Gerard (Uncle Gerard) made some cryptic remarks about a horse being swapped for two rabbits and one time a farmer leaving all his horses behind…

However, to describe it: there were horses (mainly Shetland ponies which are snappy little beasts) but also some yearlings and other ponies.

Me with the ponies


Oh look, a pony!

There were horses and carts (pulled by a Clydesdale), pony rides, little farm pens with goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys and poultry of all varieties.


There were food stalls and a bouncy castle and farm style stalls with spinning and rope making. There were tractors and old farm equipment on display. As far as I can work out it was a sort of small AMP show.

Crafts man style

It was lots of fun.

Pipe organ truck

We also had a funny cultural combo the other day in a frittur (shop where they sell fried chips) – we walked in and Something in the Water by Brooke Fraser was playing. One foot in Holland and one in NZ!

Alex in the frittur

Alex and I are entertaining the thought that Wijchen could be Holland’s answer to Stars Hollow (for those of you who have watched Gilmore Girls): weekly markets, fairs, three lingerie shops, an entire shop for cheese and nuts… and a very small population of quirky individuals that keep it running.

The town crier and his invisible dog!

The other day we were walking through the centre of the shops and it was quite deserted and Alex said “Stars Hollow needs more extras today!”