A little info about where we are.

The castle in the previous post is the most famous landmark in Wijchen

Parts of Wijchen Castle (Kasteel Wijchen in Dutch) date from the 14th century, but it took its current Mannerist form in the years 1609ā€“1629. It is surrounded by a moat and used to serve as the town hall Currently, the town hall is on the other side of the road, while the Castle is only used for important meetings. More pics here.

Yesterday we went to the market, and even though it was drizzling it was well attended and there was quite a good variety of things for sale. Plenty of fruit and vege, cheese, lumpias (spring rolls), clothes and more.

Wijchen windmill

There is football on the TV tonight, at a normal time! Netherlands v Moldova a qualification for the Euro Champs next year.