What We Will Miss About Holland – Part 2


Football and Ajax!

Real football fans!


Urban design – bike friendly!

Bike paths

Old traditions. Here we are at the Horse Market

Pipe organ with figures who play along.

A race of people who don’t get embarrassed so easily!


The Beginning of the End: What We Will Miss About Holland – Part 1

Awesome Museums

Beautiful Amsterdam

Beer, beautiful beer!


History and Culture

Being close to other countries. Antwerp.

Barcelona – what a beautiful horizon!

We spend three amazing, sun and art filled days in Barcelona. It was such a vibrant city and we both fell in love with it!

Included in the itinerary were:

Shoe shopping





Camp Nou

Lots of eating

And how cool is a city with an outdoor escalator so you can get to the top of the hill in one piece in the heat?!

Rotterdam 2.0

We had a lovely day in Rotterdam with Geert (a Dutch friend from NZ), his daughter Kyra and his family.

We visited the Feyenoord Stadium (boo, hiss!)

We went to a local brewery for lunch.


We took a ride on a tourist boat that Geert’s dad sails/drives and went to Kinderdijk and saw all the windmills there.

Then we had an authentic home cooked Hungarian dinner courtesy of Geert’s mother.

What a day!

You know you’re becoming Dutch when…

Rain doesn’t stop you biking to your friends house. And home again!

Bergen Op Zoom

We had a lovely weekend with my Aunt and Uncle in Bergen Op Zoom

Real Dutch: Eating herring

The Markiezenhof Museum.

The museum had a rather hilarious fairground museum section.

The Palace


In the evening we sat outside by the outdoor fire and enjoyed wine and snacks.

The next day we explored the surrounding areas.

The footbridge retreats when a bigger boat needs to get through. You can push a button to extend it so you can cross by foot!

A WWII bunker

Fun was had by all

Real Dutch 2: The pancake restaurant

Thanks Tante en Ome





Today we cycled the 16 kilometers to Haarlem. It was a lovely sunny day – lekker weer!

Lovely public artworks.

Beautiful buildings.

And most suprisingly – a lot of FREE things – dit is niet echt Hollandse! Free guided walk brochures – some lovely gardens.

And an amazing free tour through the Corrie ten Boom Museum. Inspiring stuff.


Highly recommended.